Fun with Poles

…and I am not referring to Jan here With planning permission foolishly approved by a local authority clearly distracted by a virus, we can now make a start on the building of our pole barn. I already had a working sketch scribbled on the back of a seed packet and critically we had acquired ten … Continue reading Fun with Poles

April catch up

This has been such a busy month there has been little time to write a blog. The first big event was the decision to mix our old girls and new girls into one flock. It was a hot sunny day and we decided to first let the old girls out into the meadow and then … Continue reading April catch up

Farmyard tales

So Jim blasts his horn to maintain his social distance and let me know he is delivering near enough 3 tonnes of horse muck to the top field. I dash out and open the gate. He backs just inside the field gate and tries to use his hydraulic tipper. No way. Far too heavy. Realising … Continue reading Farmyard tales