April catch up

This has been such a busy month there has been little time to write a blog. The first big event was the decision to mix our old girls and new girls into one flock. It was a hot sunny day and we decided to first let the old girls out into the meadow and then … Continue reading April catch up

Farmyard tales

So Jim blasts his horn to maintain his social distance and let me know he is delivering near enough 3 tonnes of horse muck to the top field. I dash out and open the gate. He backs just inside the field gate and tries to use his hydraulic tipper. No way. Far too heavy. Realising … Continue reading Farmyard tales

Buy local

In order to ‘buy local’ things have to be ‘made local’. To that end, we are busy planting, pruning and creating all manner of goods here at Joleen Meadows. Our eggs, fruit and vegetables are all from our little patch. We sell them from the door and also take our fresh produce to the local … Continue reading Buy local